1. Treasures

  2. Perfection

  3. Steven Bolinger Presents Rogue Tortoise: Seven Lies

  4. Dernier Cri (Original Cast Recording)
    Cast of Dernier Cri

  5. Bitch Slap (Original Score)

  6. Rock Suave
    Gelb Rot Blau

  7. Finality
    Young Unwed Mothers

  8. The Mariner (Original Soundtrack)

  9. Pearls Over Shanghai: Remixed & Reimagined

  10. Ste Fishell Superstar [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  11. Thomas Argus [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  12. Working For The Weekend (Piano Version) [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  13. Kimo Aloha [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  14. Dontishedly: A Tribute To The Dont's

  15. The Epic Saga of the Donkey King [single]

  16. Creepy Music For Creeps
    Creepy Music For Creeps

  17. Impacts, Issues (Original Soundtrack)

  18. Gino (Dance Mix) [single]

  19. The Howard Stern "Miss America" Radio Contest Submissions
    Steven Bolinger & Christopher Ota

  20. Cross & Skull (Original Television Soundtrack)

  21. Young Unwed Mothers with M.C. Teenage Pregnant Nun
    Young Unwed Mothers

  22. Pre-YUM: Out​-​takes, Demos and Rarities

  23. Twice Nak'd: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 2
    Twice Nak'd

  24. Twice Nak'd: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 1
    Twice Nak'd

  25. Green Jesus
    Twice Nak'd

  26. The Missionary Position
    Twice Nak'd

  27. The Rap [Maxi single]
    MC White Bread & Cream Cheez

  28. Rogue Tortoise: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities
    Rogue Tortoise

  29. Seven (7) Lies
    Rogue Tortoise

  30. Begin Ending: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 2
    Begin Ending

  31. Begin Ending: Out​-​takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 1
    Begin Ending

  32. One Or The Other
    Begin Ending

  33. Tin Star Hero (Demo 2) [single]
    Begin Ending

  34. Tin Star Hero (Demo 1) [single]
    Begin Ending

  35. "Laugh Trax": Original TV Soundtrack

  36. First Official Gig... Last Official Gig

  37. Back From The Grave And I Killed Your Grandma's Puppy

  38. Xmas Album
    Jinx & Friends

  39. Jinx Live '84

  40. A Wish For Tomorrow's Yesterday

  41. You Got Lucky (live) [single]

  42. "Grandma, next I'm going to play..."


Steven Bolinger San Francisco, California

Steven Bolinger
is an independent multi-instrumentalist and composer steeped in rock 'n' roll culture living in San Francisco, CA.

He has a penchant for The Metal™, progressive rock and electronica/dance music, and on occasion, a good melody.

He is lyrically challenged.
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