1. Finality
    Young Unwed Mothers

  2. "The Mariner" Original Soundtrack

  3. Pearls Over Shanghai: Remixed & Reimagined

  4. Ste Fishell Superstar [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  5. Thomas Argus [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  6. Working For The Weekend (Piano Version) [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  7. Kimo Aloha [single]
    Gelb Rot Blau

  8. Dontishedly: A Tribute To The Dont's

  9. The Epic Saga of the Donkey King [single]

  10. Creepy Music For Creeps
    Creepy Music For Creeps

  11. "Impacts, Issues" Original Soundtrack

  12. Gino (Dance Mix) [single]

  13. The Howard Stern "Miss America" Radio Contest Submissions
    Steven Bolinger & Christopher Ota

  14. "Cross & Skull" Original Television Soundtrack

  15. Young Unwed Mothers: Out​​​​-​​​​takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 3
    Young Unwed Mothers

  16. Young Unwed Mothers: Out​​​-​​​takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 2
    Young Unwed Mothers

  17. Young Unwed Mothers: Out​​-​​takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 1
    Young Unwed Mothers

  18. Young Unwed Mothers with M.C. Teenage Pregnant Nun
    Young Unwed Mothers

  19. Pre-YUM: Out​-​takes, Demos and Rarities

  20. Twice Nak'd: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 2
    Twice Nak'd

  21. Twice Nak'd: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 1
    Twice Nak'd

  22. Green Jesus
    Twice Nak'd

  23. The Missionary Position

  24. The Rap [Maxi single]
    MC White Bread & Cream Cheez

  25. Rogue Tortoise: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities
    Rogue Tortoise

  26. Seven (7) Lies
    Rogue Tortoise

  27. Begin Ending: Out-takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 2
    Begin Ending

  28. Begin Ending: Out​-​takes, Demos and Rarities, Vol. 1
    Begin Ending

  29. On Or The Other
    Begin Ending

  30. Tin Star Hero (Demo 2) [single]

  31. Tin Star Hero (Demo 1) [single]
    Begin Ending

  32. "Laugh Trax": Original TV Soundtrack

  33. First Official Gig... Last Official Gig

  34. Back From The Grave And I Killed Your Grandma's Puppy

  35. Xmas Album
    Jinx & Friends

  36. A Wish For Tomorrow's Yesterday

  37. You Got Lucky (live) [single]

  38. "Grandma, next I'm going to play..."

  39. Holding Pen


Steven Bolinger San Francisco, California

Steven Bolinger
is a multi-instrumentalist and composer steeped in rock 'n' roll culture living in San Francisco, CA.

He has a penchant for The Metal™, progressive rock and electronica/dance music, and on occasion, a good melody.

He is lyrically challenged.
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